The importance of being fitted

If you are one of the few people who plays golf without having their club's custom-fitted to them, then listen up. We are all different shapes and sizes and we all have completely different swing characteristics; so why would we all use the same clubs off the shelves? You should never build your swing around you clubs; you always build your clubs around your swing. If you are tall, you wouldn't buy the same size clubs as someone who is two feet shorter then you, and likewise. Think of it as buying a pair of shoes, you wouldn't walk in, grab the nearest pair on the wall put them on and walk out without them fitting perfect.

Being custom-fit is becoming almost second nature in this sport as it should. With the likes of TrackMan at most clubs' disposals (including ours), it has become as simple as hitting a few shots and walking away with the perfect, fitted clubs for you. When it comes to the new technology out there in the modern ranges of clubs, being custom-fit isn't just about picking up a few extra yards of the tee. You can shrink your dispersion area massively, meaning the ball is flying on a much more consistent path. All this and more.

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